When you need a firm dedicated specializing in assistance of family law only, call Alec Quig Family Law Consulting. It offers legal research, drawing up legal briefs and services for advocacy of clients to help prepare a case for court. Detailed and exact, you can expect the best experience. Here are some of the services provided and details on how we can help you reach your goals at an affordable price.


With 18 years experience in family law, you can expect a service that is, above par, that will also save you precious time and money. Family law can cost a fortune, and that high cost can be avoided when you use us as your go-to team. Don’t risk time and money that can be lost on hiring somebody as an employee, when you can save that money by using a consulting firm like us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you appraise personal property?
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How do I calculate spousal support
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What is the standard that guides the judges decision?
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How do I calculate child support?
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What is the difference between mediation and collaborative divorce?
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